Pathways to Wellness

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Guiding You To
The Path Of Success

Most of us want the best out of life. We all share dreams, ambitions and perhaps even a bucket list. Yet so many never see those goals come to fruition. In fact, many of us lead lives crowded with stress and anxiety with little time for leisure. Between hectic schedules and social obligations, you may be left feeling utterly depleted after each day. This is where your life can change. As a wellness coach, Dr. Ramona understands those daily struggles we all face. Through her specialized services she helps clients develop healthier habits for each area of their life.

Whether you're struggling to get back into a fitness routine or seeking guidance on strengthening your coping skills, she's here to be your mentor.

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Wellness Coaching
Enhance Your Well-Being

Wellness coaching seeks to address enhancing your overall approach to life. Through guided sessions, clients learn how to develop mindfulness and coping skills to overcome anxiety, depression and other negative feelings.

Health Coaching
Increase Physical Vitality

Fitness and physical health is a major component in leading a long, fulfilling life. Health coaching assists clients in learning the benefits of exercise and healthy habits and how to implement them in a sustainable way.

Lifestyle Coaching
Reawaken Yourself

When you make changes to your lifestyle you set the tone for your journey. Through guided coaching sessions, you can achieve a positive narrative. Become aware of your daily habits, mindset and outward influences that contribute to your life experiences. Learn how to change your patterns so you can get the most you want out of life.

Functional Medicine
A Wellness-Centered Approach

Functional medicine is a unique approach that seeks to address the root of physical ailments as opposed to the ongoing treatment of symptoms. In comparison to conventional medicine, functional medicine is more holistic and health-oriented.

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Nutritional Advice
Creating Healthier Patterns

Food plays a larger role in our lives than satisfying hunger; food fuels our bodies and directly correlates with how we feel. Proper nutrition is key in empowering our physical state to perform optimally. Seeking advice regarding your nutrition can help you reach goals for your health whether it be weightloss or elevated endurance.

Holistic Approach
Get More Out Of Life

By definition Holistic refers to "relating to or concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems rather than with analyzing or treatment of separate parts.” Similar to functional medicine, a holistic approach to wellness seeks to understand the underlying causes of physical and emotional ailments for lasting changes.

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