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Somewhere between responsibilities and leisure we can lose sight of what's really important: our well-being. Prioritizing our physical and emotional needs takes a back seat and the result is a hectic, unfulfilling daily experience. Sound familiar? The first step to reclaiming your health and wellness starts here. As a lifestyle coach, Dr. Ramona Phelps helps her patients get the most out of their journey through guided advice and care.

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Dr. Ramona invites you to reclaim your health and acquire a renewed sense of vitality with her coaching services. Her approach is rooted in a holistic, wellness-centered philosophy that seeks to address lifestyle changes for improved physical and mental states. She administers guided counseling and advice for all areas of life that's centered around fitness and nutrition, emotional health and overall well-being.

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Are you ready to take the next step in your journey towards leading a happier, healthier life? Start today with Dr. Ramona. As your coach, she will assist you in unlocking your full potential while providing the tools you need to ensure you reach goals and sustain a better mindset.

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At Pathways to Wellness, Dr. Ramona offers coaching services that address enhancing one's quality of life in health and emotional well-being.


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Stay more connected than ever on your wellness journey by reading insightful articles regarding lifestyle habits, health and fitness and more.

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As a wellness coach with a passion for helping others, Dr. Ramona Phelps is committed to a holistic approach for increased health and happiness.

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